How to Use Google Analytics to get a Better WordPress Website?

Every time you log into your Google Analytics account, you perhaps just browse through the traffic numbers to compare the increase/decrease from the previous day. Thereafter, you may just look at some graphs and other data. But did you know that it can help design a better WordPress website for your business?

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Meanwhile, here are some things you can look for in Google Analytics to get a better WordPress website.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who leave your website after viewing just one page. A high bounce rate indicates that there are some performance issues with your current website.

This data can help you understand what people do not appreciate about your website. If your visitors frequently exit from your website, this is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the user experience. Perhaps your website is taking too long to load. Maybe your website lacks the right calls to action buttons.

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Device Visitors Use to View Your Website

Perhaps, you’ve already heard how Google is giving a lot of importance to mobile indexing. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will not show up in search results on mobile devices.

You can determine the percentage of visitors from mobile devices, desktops and tablets. If a lot of traffic to your website comes from desktops, there’s not much to worry about. However, even if 5% of your visitors are from mobile devices, you know that you need a mobile friendly website.

Your Competition

You can make use of benchmarking tool to compare your traffic data with that of your competitors. You can use this data to determine how engaging your website is compared to your competition.

Compare statistics such as average time on site to better understand your website compares with your competition. This will help you in making the necessary changes in your new WordPress website.  

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