Did You Make these Common Website Redesign Mistakes?

After a period of time, Our website design Wrexham team believe, every website needs a bit of touch up. Redesigning a website is much like renovating a property. It’s not just about a paint job; it’s about every piece in there from the furniture to the flooring, from the paint to the layout and making sure they all work together to produce the look you envisioned.

The same holds true for your website redesign too. Just changing the colours of your site won’t just cut it. You must work with a professional website design Wrexham agency and consider every component, element and feature of your website.

Before you begin your redesign, it helps to know about some mistakes to avoid. Here’s a look at some of the common website redesign mistakes.

Redesigning Without a Strategy or Goal

Without clearly outlined goals in place, you will end up with a redesign that is no better than your current website. If you’re not sure what you’d like your website to do, what’s the point of putting in so much effort?

For instance, say your goal is to increase website enquiries by 50% from last 6 months. This will have a huge bearing on the redesign. You will need to place a lot of call to action (CTA) buttons and enquiry forms.

You won’t know what to do unless you know your goals. So clarify your goals before you redesign. Take the help of your website design agency in Wrexham if need be.

Change URLs

You want to ensure that the site architecture is similar as much as possible, especially if those pages are raking in a lot of traffic. As a general thumb rule, keep URLs the same. Do not change them. Where this can’t be done, put in place a 301 redirect.

The more you mess with the URLs the more trouble you are brewing in the SEO department. So steer clear of this mistake for a smooth transition.

Building a Non Responsive Website

This is a big no-no. Look around you anywhere you go. You will find people staring at their mobile phones. It’s highly likely that a lot of your prospective customers are looking for you on mobile devices.  

If you are redesigning your website, one of your primary concerns should be to ensure the new site is responsive.

Hiring Wrong Website Design Wrexham Agency

The fact is that your new website will be only as good as the agency you hire for the redesign. So choose your agency carefully. Don’t just choose a freelancer or an amateur because they’re offering the cheapest quote.

Hire an agency that has the skills, the experience and the creative ideas to deliver a redesign that will help achieve your goals.

Contact Website Design Wrexham today for a stunning, mobile friendly, user friendly website at affordable prices.